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Message from the Admin (Don Paul):

Don Paul

Don Paul

Let me know if you have any questions or comment by contacting us or sending a message in-game!

  • Under New Management
    Due to my continued health issues I (Solstice) have to step down as the owner of AcidBay. I am leaving you in very good hands, Don_Paul will be taking my place as the sole owner and operator of AcidBay and Mobsters United effective January 1, 2019.

  • New Admin / Programmer Has Joined Our Team!
    Please welcome Don_Paul to the AcidBay / Mobsters United team, he will be assisting with programming and technical support. Click the title above to read more.

  • Fall 2018 Update Release
    Cheaper Chat Credits, Revamped Virus System, Tony got upgrades, Bot Walls are gone, Instant Top Mob, Automatic Happy Hours, Flash Sales, and much more! Click the title above to view the full change log!

  • Site Rules - Click me!
    Welcome to AcidBay, the platform built for Mobsters by Mobsters. We are in no way affiliated with Myspace, Disney, Playdom or any other entity there of. We have a few basic rules on this network and we ask that you do follow them. Please read on and familiarize yourself with them. (Click the title to read more).

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Don Paul

Don Paul