Beat them all! Or pick one for focus

Made Men

The Made Men are the top 10 on the leaderboards for a number of specific important achievements.

All leaderboards are ‘all time’ rankings. That means they started when Mobsters United launched in 2014 and will not reset.

  • Highest Level, ranks on the level achieved
  • Top Missions, ranks on the number of completed missions
  • Most Deadly, ranks on the number of killed mobsters
  • Top Bounty Hunter, ranks on the number of collected bounties
  • Top Fighter, ranks on how often a mobster wins
  • Untouchables, ranks on how much hired guns a mobster has
  • Resident Zombies, ranks how often a mobster died
Example of mobster's ranking in leaderboard

Own ranking

To enter any of these rankings you’ll have to defeat the #10 on any of those list. So pick a focus and fight for your spot!

You can find your mobster’s own ranking at the top to see how far you still have to go.