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  •  skulls: 
    I need help
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  •  Madfknhatter: 
    whassup fukker
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  •  Madfknhatter: 
    hey how do i buy some shit here..i put stuff in my cart but something aint right says I have nothing in my cart
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  •  smarter1: 
    Hey Mike,
    Do you think that you could make a paragraph that has a link for all of the potential Mobsters that I can put out there? I think we need a hook in a link that will explain us to Mobsters looking for a new home...I've been talking to a few out there that are chompin' at the bit to get started..smarter1
     02.14.20141 replies1 replies 
    1 point
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02.07.2014 (1930 days ago)