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It's cold up here! It's time to head south of the border! 

New Missions: 

Level 1 - Residential Burglary


  • Golf Club (to be used in a later mission)
  • Platinum: Favor Points

Level 400 - Revolution in Central America 


  • Cold War Era Gunboat
  • Platinum: Generalissimo Henchman

New Property: 

  • Helipad
  • Airport

New Equipment: 

  • Cold War Era Gunboat (Vehicle)
  • Generalissimo (Henchman)

Both are only available under the new Revolution in Central America mission.

Property AutoBuyer

The property autobuyer is back for VIPs. It can now buy up to 500 properties in the background, no waiting!

Employed Mob Reset

All players now automatically have the number of mob they've used to do missions reset on the 1st of the month for free. VIPs can also elect to reset their count 1 additional time under the Godfather tab. Additional resets are available to both free and VIP players for Favor Points under the Godfather tab.


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