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The Rules: 

We try to keep things simple but in order to keep some semblance of order, a few rules have been put in place. These rules apply to all users, at all membership levels. 

  1. One (1) AcidBay profile per person. This login will be used to manage all your Mobsters accounts, there is no need to create multiple logins. 
  2. No hate speech. We're not big on censorship, and really don't care what you say, but we do ask that you do not post content (comments, timeline posts, etc.) that attack someone based off of their race, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or anything of that nature. 
  3. No Bots or other automation. Our network is designed to be used by humans and is monitored accordingly. Accounts found to be in violation of this rule will be suspended and/or terminated at our moderators discretion. 
  4. No pornographic material. We aim to build a network that is welcoming to all and not everyone wants to login and see that uber hot scene from your favorite porno. There are several sites to upload XXX content, this is not one of them. 
  5. Nothing Illegal. This network is based in the United States of America and the laws here apply whether or not you live here, that's just how the internet works. You may not post anything that violates the laws of the State of California, Federal Law or International Law as set forth by the U.S.'s treaty with the United Nations. If you live abroad then you must also follow the laws of your country, providence and/or township. We will cooperate fully with law enforcement if we receive a legal and valid warrant and/or court order. 

These rules may be updated and/or changed at any time. It is your responsibility to insure you are up to date on the network rules, although we will post an announcement if we change anything of significance. 

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