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It's official, I'm proud to announce that I've managed to get the avatar systems online. Here are some of the avatars & outfits we'll have available (along with many more). We've also launched presales for a Limited Edition Avatar Pack containing 2 unique avatar items that will never be sold again!

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  •  KoofySmackin: 
    I seriously can't wait. Something made me just remember this game all of a sudden then found out it had since been "killed" by myspace doing away with games. Needless to say, I can't wait for the resurrection of Mobsters! Even if it isn't 100% the same, I'll be happy with something close.
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  •  StrawMan: 
    ha ha... those avatars look goofy. they kind of look like card board cut outs. no dis intended just honest feed back. If this a mobsters world, shouldn't the mobsters look more, well... mobster-ish. But you could make an old hairy bag lady tooting fart dust and I would love it...StrawMan
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  •  TalaNightshade: 
    Ah love the pit lost both of mine to old age in 2010.
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  •  DomVendetta: 
    Dom V is waiting........
    1 point
  •  FangT: 
    Loive the skull Tshirt, but the mullet gotta get chopped. Lol Sooo looking forward to this game.
    -2 points
  •  DemonLadyDeath: 
    Yea! Can not wait.
    1 point
  •  Andrea_G: 
    Hmmm, finally progressing? Will check back more often...
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  •  Rekcah: 
    Hi all
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  •  Townie: 
    It's awesome we are finally getting close. Been waiting a long time for this. Beta, yes indeed ...
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  •  Solstice: 
    @Angel-of-Death - Yeah we'll be getting new / additional hairstyles for both the men & women once the beta gets going :)
    3 points
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