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New Missions, Unlimited Energy, an Overstocked Vault and much more!

Our Spring 2018 Update is finally ready to go out the door and it's jam packed with new goodies for you guys to enjoy! 


Mission Mastery - Diamond

There is a new level to Mission Mastery, the Diamond Level. Should keep you guys busy for a bit, and the rewards are well worth it! 


Happy Hour - Unlimited Energy

Happy Hours can be purchased through the Godfather and provide Unlimited Energy to ALL VIP Slots on the game for the duration of one (1) hour. It also causes certain Vault Codes to go into "overstock" mode, meaning the chances of getting larger drops with those codes increases greatly! 


New Mission Chain at Levels 500+

There are 4, count 'em F-O-U-R new missions starting with Making a friend in Las Vegas. From there, you will be given 1 of 3 different Key Cards that unlock the next mission. The hotel chain missions each have different loot and different mastery rewards, including 2 new cars only available through those missions!

New missions available at levels 500, 600, 650 & 700!


Auto Property Buyer Upgraded

The Auto Property buyer will now buy up to 2,000 properties at a time, up from 500 previously!


Dig up the Graveyard


Drop rate increased per player feedback, should help getting those Bloody Hatchets!

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