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There seems to be some confusion as to what AcidBay is, so I'm going to try to clarify that first. AcidBay is a social network, similar in design to Facebook with a bit of the old Myspace's features built in (profile customization, etc.). This network will be the host for Mobsters, similar to how apps/games are hosted on Facebook. The key difference is that both the network (AcidBay) and the game (Mobsters United) are owned and operated by the same company in order to avoid any of the past issues players have hit with both the Myspace and Facebook platforms. 

Where is the game?

The new game is currently under development (being built) and not yet ready for the public to play. We will announce it here, on Facebook (friend Mike Solstice for updates) and on the IndieGoGo campaign once we are ready to move to beta. 

When will it be ready to play? 

This depends on several factors, not the least of which is how much money the IndieGogo campaign is able to raise. At present there are 2 developers working on the game, if we are able to raise enough funds we will be able to hire on additional team members and drastically cut down the time required to finish and release Mobsters United. 

Can I at least see what you're working on?

YES! There is a demo video here as well as on the IndieGoGo campaign

What is IndieGogo?

IndieGogo is a fundraising site, known as Crowdfunding, that allows us to reach out to the community and offer deep discounts (perks) on pre-ordered accounts, favor points, etc. It is the best way to get a running start when the game goes to beta and has the added benefit of helping us get the game completed that much faster. 

How can I help?

Encourage your friends and mobbies to join AcidBay, the most recent information will always be available here. Share our IndieGoGo campaign on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to help us get the word out. 

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