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The last I had heard we were set for launch on May 1, however I just got an email from the developer tonight that they have experienced a hard drive failure and lost the game, as well as the other projects they were working on for various clients. Due to the backlog this creates for them, we have agreed to have the project refunded in full and I have already begun the process of hiring on another programmer.

We were currently interviewing a couple of different prospects and I should know more within the next few days as far as a timeline for release, etc. We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding as we get this sorted out, unfortunately technological failure is not something you can really account for - especially when the backups also fail. 

We remain dedicated to getting a quality game out the door as quickly as possible and thank you for your patience as we go through some growing pains. Additional updates will be posted to AcidBay as they become available. 

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    i hatehearing that but ill wait i just found out about this tonite the site that is so its all new to me
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  •  WHACK: 
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  •  TheeMobstah: 
    funny how that works... the point to a back up is having something external that wouldnt of failed im sure if this guy was an experienced developer he wouldnt of lost anything cuz things like that are planned ahead... im starting to see bs right now... i saw the video of the old mobs.. show me pics of the one that was being made
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  •  killingspree: 
    That's a hard hit to take but it will be worth it. Anyone wants to friend me feel free. -Spree
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  •  Freebro: 
    They should have set up a Raid Array for 3 drives to do all programming... Lose a HD NP, just replace & go on...
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  •  garth: 
    sure hope not badnit, because thats a long time to wait. i had hoped to get playing sooner rather then later....
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  •  jAcKnThEbOx: 
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  •  Solstice: 
    I posted the minute I received the notice from the developer & then re-opened the project to new programmers. I won't know a timeline until I hire someone else.
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  •  Icon: 
    I'm working on a faster computer, so maybe both will be done about the same time. :)
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  •  stubby069: 
    thanks for the update will be patiently waitin
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