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A major game update has been pushed to address player feedback and issues. Many things have been changed and we continue to look forward to feedback from our players so things can continue to be improved and the site grown.


All players have been credited with 7 Days VIP Access for free as a thank you for baring with us through these upgrades.

Free Favor Points!

All players have been credited with 100 Favor Points free!

Graveyard Missions

2 new missions are available at Levels 90 and 100. The first is to raid Maulmart for shovels, then go dig up the cemetary! You can score past LE items, badges, cash and many fun prizes! Best of all, this mission does NOT count toward your used mob!

Bounty Floods

Tony the Shark has been given permission to use my accounts. He will roll a dice every 15 minutes, there's a 1 in 3 chance he'll randomly select 5 of my accounts, throw them on the Hit List and announce it in broadcast (along with the total of the bounties he placed). 

New Player Changes

New players now start out with $25,000 cash on hand and a base income of $2,500 per hour. New accounts now start out with 25 Favor Points, those activating new slots on existing accounts will continue to get 10. The default avatars have also been repaired.

All players were given $35,000 to compensate.

Low Levels

The damage cap has been adjusted. It now only applies if a higher level is attacking someone 25 or under. It no longer applies when someone 25 or under is attacking. The amount of experience given per fight has been increased as well. 


The bank no longer charges $10,000 to open an account, the funds are deposited instead. 

Fighting & Regeneration

Percentage stat regeneration now applies to Level 50 and above instead of Level 200. You also now lose experience when you die in a fight you start rather than gaining experience from that lost fight. Attack and Defense skill points now count x100 when fighting. 

Skill Points

  • Health, Energy and Stamina no longer increase automatically. Instead you are given 6 Skill Points to spend (7 if you had a 4th Skill Point). 
  • Skill Points can now be reset through The Godfather on a sliding payment scale.

As always, feedback is welcome and appreciated!

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