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We've opened pre-sales for favor points due to popular demand. I've gotten many requests from people that missed out on the campaign for us to do this so we've set them up at a 50% discount. Grab them while you can, once the game goes live they will double in price! 

The store system is experimental and there may be bugs. Rest assured that if nothing else we will have a Paypal transaction record of your purchase and you will be emailed a receipt by Paypal. We've tested the system as best as we are able and it should be functional but there may be one or two bugs that have been overlooked. All orders are recorded in 3 separate systems to insure we have a record of your purchase. 

Note to Contributors

The IndieGogo campaign gave much better deals than we are currently offering. We have tried to be as fair as possible and ask you to keep in mind that each hired gun costs 20 Favor Points, Knuckles are 42 Favor Points each. The $45 perk alone is worth almost $250 in Favor Points. 

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