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The Fall Update has been rolled out bringing several new features to Mobsters United! 

Top Mob

You can now send energy to your friends! Simply navigate to their profile and click the new Top Mob button near the attack, hit list, etc. buttons. Then go back to the Main tab (refresh if necessary) and you'll be able to send them energy! They get 25% of their Level, you get 25% of that. So if they're Level 1,000 they get 250 Energy, you get 63 Returned. Unlike other games, the user does NOT have to login to return the energy, it's all automatic. 


Someone can only be removed from the Top Mob if it's been at least 24 hours since that slot was last used to send energy. Regular users have 3 Top Mob slots, VIPs have 6 slots. 


A new category of weapon has been introduced, Henchmen. Henchmen are separate from weapons, armor or vehicles. Some can be acquired for mob cash like any other piece of equipment, others are rewarded by the new Mission Mastery system. 

Mission Mastery

Mission Mastery has been introduced to the game with 4 levels, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Bronze rewards $10,000 Mob Cash, Silver rewards $20,000 Mob Cash, Gold rewards 1 Favor Point and Platinum either rewards 3 Favor Points or a special weapon, armor, vehicle or henchman.

Back Alley

The Back Alley has received an expansion, now showing most of the past LE items instead of just the last 15. New Vehicles and Henchmen have been added and are only available through the Back Alley.

Mob Used Count

The number of mob used in missions has been reset. 


Please report any bugs found using the Red Support button in the game. You can include a screenshot using the buttons under the text box where you type your ticket.


Feedback is welcome, limits may be adjusted depending on overall feedback and game performance. 



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