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Daily Gifts

You will now get 1 Entry Level Vault Code per slot every day you login. These can be used in the Bank Vault to get 1 of many different prizes from free Favor Points, free Chat Credits, Limited Edition items or even those elusive Ultra Rare items!

Automatic Happy Hours

Tony will now start a Happy Hour if there are at least 3 unique users online. He checks every 15 minutes and will start one if he sees 3 Unique users on at the same time. After that, another one will not run for 3 hours. There must be 3 Unique users online however, logging in duplicate/alt accounts to try to trick him will not work. Happy Hours grant unlimited energy refills to VIPs while the Happy Hour is running.

Flash Sales

The new Flash Sale system automatically generates sale packs that can include any combination of Limited Edition Equipment, Vault Codes, Hired Guns and/or Energy. Flash Sales last for 24 hours or until they sell out, at which point a new one will be generated automatically. Flash Sales are priced at 75% Off the normal retail price if you bought the items individually. 

Chat Credits

The pricing for Chat Credits has been significantly reduced based off of player feedback. 

Tony's Bounties

Tony's bounties are now time limited. They will disappear if not collected within 15 minutes. This change was made to avoid having bounties sit on the Hit List for days or weeks at a time and only applies to bounties set to Tony.

Bye, Bye Bot Walls!

The "Bot Walls" or click limiters have been upgraded. You can now click a LOT faster than what was previously possible without getting the dreaded "too much heat" message.

New Security

Due to abuse, we have blocked all known Proxy and VPN services. If you use a Proxy or VPN service, you will need to disable it to play Mobsters United.

Auto-Return Gifting

If you send a gift to Tony, he will automatically send one back! This works exactly the same way as if you were to send a gift to someone & they sent you the same gift back, making it easier to level up your viruses without having to find someone to trade with. 

Virus Upgrade

The virus levels have been completely rewritten from scratch. Many will notice that their virus levels are higher than they were as a result. It is now much easier to level, and requires far less credit to do so.

Top Mob Update

Top Mob no longer requires the page to reload to send energy. Energy is automatically returned and it is now a lot faster to send it.

Site Cache Upgraded

Due to a few users that have limited data, we have adjusted the site's caching ability. Instead of downloading a fresh copy of the game every 2 hours, it will only do it once a month. This allows your browser to load the game from the copy it's already stored on your computer, instead of using up your data continuously downloading new copies of the game, images, etc. This should dramatically reduce the amount of bandwidth/data used by the game.

As always feedback, good or bad, is welcomed and appreciated. Send a Direct Message to Solstice or open a Support Ticket under the Help menu.


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