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Avatars have been redesigned from the ground up with new clothing, hairstyles and more. We have also released new Avatar equipment with "powers". Avatar Powers increase your stats, either adding Critical Attack / Spirited Defense (double attack/defense boost), extra health, energy, or stamina.


I was finally able to locate a list of the original experience points from Mobsters and have adjusted the game accordingly. One of the most frequent things I hear is that it is too hard to level and too hard to get started. Hopefully this change will encourage new users to join in and a more even playing field for all.

Damage Limit

There is now a damage limit in place up to Level 25. If you or the person you're attacking is below Level 25 the script that determines who wins or loses still works as normal however the amount of damage that may be done is capped at a maximum value. 

Bug Fix

The game was intended to give free energy/stamina/health refills up until Level 10 to help players get started. There was a typo in the script causing it to refill up until Level 100, this has been fixed. With the new experience system it caused a couple users to jump up to 60 levels in under an hour but was fixed very quickly.

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