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The game is ready! 

UPDATE: All codes have been sent out. A few emails bounced. If you have not received your codes & did contribute to the IndieGogo Campaign, first check your Spam folder, if it's not there please Contact Us and we'll see that you get credited. 

These codes will automatically credit the perks you requested to the account of your choosing. 


We will continue to offer some of the pre-sale items on the site until April 15th

On April 15th pre-sales will be closed and we will begin to issue Invite Codes to those who purchase Pre-Sale items directly through our site. 

If you purchased pre-sale items and are also an IndieGogo Contributor:

Pre-sale items are NOT included in your Invite Codes & will not be credited until after April 15th. 

Reserve your name!

You can find the game here, or using the main site navigation.

Your account will be created but marked inactive unless an Invite Code is entered.

You can apply an Invite Code at a later date to activate reserved accounts.


Feel free to use the Contact Us form, or swing by the Lounge.

Jamie or myself can usually be found somewhere on the site.

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