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The attack and hit list ranges have been updated. 

This decision has come after several months of analysis, gathering feedback both publically and privately from players currently playing - and those who have left - the game. Making a change this large is not something I'd undertake lightly, but I think these limits will better serve everyone overall, rather than the game being slanted toward one player style or another. Based off the overall feedback and some math I don't even want to try to explain, the attack ranges were updated and applied to the hit list.

Attack ranges now apply to attacking on and off the hit list equally, as well as placing bounties.

The new attack ranges are as follows: 

  • All Levels - Half Current Level Down, Double Current Level Up. Minimum up is 25.

Level 1 can attack Levels 1 - 25.

Level 5 can attack Levels 3 (1/2 of 5 rounded up) - 25 (since 2 x 5 = 10, it defaults to 25).

Level 13 can attack Levels 7 (1/2 of 13 rounded up) - 26 (13 x 2)

So on throughout the levels.


The new attack ranges are as follows: 

  • Levels 49 and Below.

* Varies depending on level. 5 Down / 25 Up.

  • Levels 50 - 149
  • Levels 150 - 249
  • Levels 250 and Above.

* Varies depending on level. Level 250 - 250 is the hard limit, then it's Current Level +/- 250. So a Level 250 can hit Level 250 - 500. Level 300 can hit 250 - 550, Level 600 can hit 350 - 850 etc.

Other Upgrades:

  • The attack ranges will display on the Attack and Hit list pages.

  • The Hit list tab has been recoded to load a bit faster. 

  • The Hit list tab will only show bounties in range of your character.

  • The Hit List tab shows all bounties, but only has attack buttons for ones in your range. Bounties are sorted by level and how long they've been on the list.

  • The Attack tab has been reworked to better shuffle the people available to attack.

  • Malinko and Bellatrix has been added to Tony's list of victims.

  • Several of Tony's favorites have been leveled up & given larger bounties. Tony's favorites now span all level ranges and are all listed at once.

  • Pushing a target is now possible. Whoever wins the fight (attacking OR defending) now gains experience. You still lose experience if you die.


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  •  SantaTeresa: 
    • I like it,It is what it is &  will take a while to get my banks up to a level (not about to reset skills on them to get it done) to where I can get cash moved to where I want it to be ..
    • pretty much.. the hunting is sparse at the level 300 and up range atm.  
    • Accounts level 100 and up can be rough on the level 50 - 125 because of the raid the armory mission tanks ,.. but nothing a few LE cant fix.
    0 points
  •  wes_ankney: 

    I find this better than the cut and dry level bracket setup

    1 point
5 votes