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As most of you know by now for the past year I have been having major issues with my kidneys. To date I've passed 24 kidney stones, and they took away the coffee about 6 months ago. I also have Fibromyalgia which, among other things, causes severe chronic fatigue so without coffee I am pretty much worthless, I have very little energy & thus things tend to move slowly.

After having them take me off caffeine altogether and forcing me to go Vegan blaming the kidney issues on my diet, there still was no change & the stones kept coming. I am pleased to report that I have finally found a doctor that knows what he's doing & the first thing he did was give me the coffee back. As a result I have knocked out the vast majority of the game, I've squashed numerous bugs and glitches & assuming my kidneys don't crap out on me again we should be ready for beta here VERY soon.

The Missions system and a couple other minor things need work but for the most part the game is up, running and fully functional.  I sincerely apologies for the delays, I was not expecting my health to spiral out of control but things are finally looking back up. I go in for lab results tomorrow morning & I am hopeful he can get whatever is wrong fixed once & for all. 

Here are some updated screenshots - oh the difference coffee makes ;) 

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  •  KIDROCK: 
    Thanx For The Update Sorry To Hear about the Health Issues , Glad Your Getting Them Under Control ^5 :)
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  •  Mike: 
    Looking good Mike...good to hear your doing better. See you soon. Thanks for the update.
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  •  Dressed2Kill: 
    Glad you're doing better hun. Thank you for the updates!
    1 point
  •  bluetl: 
    Hey Mike Life first ,Game second ^_^
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