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Welcome to AcidBay, the platform built for Mobsters by Mobsters. We are in no way affiliated with Myspace, Disney, Playdom or any other entity there of. We have a few basic rules on this network and we ask that you do follow them. Please read on and familiarize yourself with them. (Click the title to read more).
Get you pics in for Friday Movie night! The community will select 3 movies that will air in the new Movie Lounge, open every Friday! The Theater will open at 5:00PM PST Prizes including 2 $10 Pizza Hut Gift Certificates and up to 10,000 credits will be given out throughout the night! (more info inside, click the title)
The most up-to-date information about Mobsters United will be posted here, if you have any comments, suggestions, etc. this would be the place to leave them.
We've opened pre-sales for favor points due to popular demand. I've gotten many requests from people that missed out on the campaign for us to do this so we've set them up at a 50% discount. Grab them while you can, once the game goes live they will double in price!
New screenshots of the updated design have been posted. Click the title for the link.
It's official, the Beta WILL have avatars! Read more and see some demos by clicking the title above.
The attack systems are done which marks the next to last critical system needed to move us to beta. New screenshots have been uploaded to Solstice's profile.
Win big prizes in our Holiday Scavenger hunt! Click above to get the list, check it twice; get all the photos and win something nice!
NEW Avatars have been released, including new Avatar LE Items! Avatars now have powers, including Critical Hit and Energy boosts! Changes have also been made to make it easier to level, as well as get started on the game.
16 New Screenshots posted, just about ready to go to beta. Click the title above to read more.