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Category: Site Governance
Please welcome Don_Paul to the AcidBay / Mobsters United team, he will be assisting with programming and technical support. Click the title above to read more.
The attack and hitlist ranges have been updated in order to help new users get started and insure a more even playing field. Click the title above to read more.
The bug with the attack system causing certain fights to not show the proper results when the virus, etc. would kick in has finally been fixed. It's my birthday, so get Free Hired Guns all week when you login!
All image uploads will now be approved by an admin due to abuse. Click the title to read more.
Chat pruning is now in effect. Several old unused rooms have been removed. Check the Room Controls tab for the pruning rules. There is a new payment portal as well for purchasing Chat credits.
[UPDATE] 6/24/2015 - Due to numerous problems with the previous Support Ticket system, it has (again) been replaced with a new one. This should be our last move for a while on the support side of things! We've introduced Community Answers, our version of Yahoo Answers for the community to engage with under the Help Menu. The Contact Us form has been replaced with a Support Ticket system to allow for easier tracking and resolution of issues.
As a reminder, all users are limited to 1 account per person. Duplicate accounts will be banned. If you have multiple people on the same IP, please contact us and let us know ahead of time. Click the title above to read more...
Welcome to AcidBay, the platform built for Mobsters by Mobsters. We are in no way affiliated with Myspace, Disney, Playdom or any other entity there of. We have a few basic rules on this network and we ask that you do follow them. Please read on and familiarize yourself with them. (Click the title to read more).