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Category: Site Announcements
Due to my continued health issues I (Solstice) have to step down as the owner of AcidBay. I am leaving you in very good hands, Don_Paul will be taking my place as the sole owner and operator of AcidBay and Mobsters United effective January 1, 2019. Click the title to read more.
Cheaper Chat Credits, Revamped Virus System, Tony got upgrades, Bot Walls are gone, Instant Top Mob, Automatic Happy Hours, Flash Sales, and much more! Click the title above to view the full change log!
New Missions, Unlimited Energy, an Overstocked Vault and much more! Click the title above to keep reading!
Win big hacking the NYC Bank Vault! Everyone starts out with 50 Entry Level Vault Codes!
It's time to head south of the border. Click the title above to read more.
We're in the process of revamping AcidBay, but things are mostly done. If you notice anything out of the ordinary please open a support ticket under the Help menu. (Click the Title above to Read More)
It took longer than expected but I was finally able to get us up and running on the new server. You should notice an increase in speed and overall stability. HOWEVER there may still be some configuration changes I need to make that were overlooked. IF YOU ENCOUNTER ERRORS, STOP PLAYING AND REPORT IT. Continuing to play even though you are seeing errors WILL likely damage your account. Chat is down for the time being. (Click title to read more)
My christmas gift to all of you - Every day you login between now and December 21st (the countdown timer) you will receive 1 Free Hired Gun! They'll automatically credit at Midnight Pacific each night! Up to 12 possible hired guns per slot!
On Wednesday, November 25th AcidBay was the victim of a massive DDoS attack. Unfortunately it proved to be more than our servers can handle when it reached 4GB per second. Our server overheated, fried & had to be replaced. NO DATA WAS LOST & WE ARE BACK IN BUSINESS!
You now have the option of automatically accepting incoming friend requests. Click the title to read more.