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Please explain the new changes.

Omega.  Can you please let us know what the new changes are and how they will effect our game play?  I have heard rumors but have no facts.  Im a fact kinda gal and don't want to be helping in the spreading of the rumors.  What I have heard is that there are no longer refills on stats after level 10.  Why would this be?   I have also heard that there are no longer skill points after level 100.... Is that true?  Can you explain the reasoning on the skill points if that is true.  Thanks for your time.  Respectfully Dominatrix ♥Lacy

A news article has been posted here regarding the changes - I'm not sure where the skill point rumor came from but it is not true, you continue to receive skill points as normal at all levels.
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Posted by Solstice on 06.29.2015 (06.29.2015)
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