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How does everybody like the new changes to the game?

Does anybody like the new changes and how fast you can level now? what happened to being able to die and lose exp?

I don't. Sorry for starting off with a negative, but we are all here for the same reason: to play a killing game all can enjoy. I love the concept of this game. After being able to play around with the new attack system for almost a couple weeks now, i feel It was better before. All of us have lowers that were getting annihilated but i only saw wild one complaining about getting smashed. That's not to exclude tickets Mike received from other players, but none of us saw those complaints. The feel of game is so close, yet seems so far. Every single one of us players want to help propel this to be the next big game, but that isn't going to happen unless some changes are made. After speaking with several players in chat we would like Admin to consider the following changes: 1. switch the attack back please. transfers are more difficult to pull off with the limits in place, as well as death hits. Seems more players hit the hospital before they can be iced. And if we can't list them in the hospital then what's the point? Some of us are building monsters to kill off attacks and not have to pay the bounty. 2. Please make the app more accessible than just chrome. The more limitations that are placed on the app itself will discourage people from playing. 3. Mike said he was contracted to build the '08 version of the game yet there are so many differences as far as the attack system: up/down to attack, and not being able to attack lower levels that may get a win in. And being able to list any account. 4. Please hire another like-minded individual to help you code the remainder of the game. We understand it takes time to code hundreds of thousands of lines, but if the first campaign got you this far, then see what you can get out of a 2nd to pull it off. It's free to try to raise money. thanks for listening.
Posted by xXDi3Xx on 07.08.2015 (07.08.2015)
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im not trying to complain bc i know this game is still in beta but the new attack changes are a little can this attack be so close when the number of ppl and our weapons are so different? You and your mob used: 1 x Gogo Spiked Knuckles, 10 x Silician Lupara, 1 x Bottle of Arsenic Laced Limoncello, 168 x Minigun 180 x Steel-Lined Trenchcoat 2 x Ignition-Activated Car Bomb, 10 x Mack Titan, 168 x Bulletproof Escalade Less Details... WeirdoLette's mob used: 1 x Beretta 9mm, 1 x Louisville Slugger 13 x Ambulance, 1 x Bulletproof Escalade Less Details... You won, dealing 8 damage to your enemy and taking 7 damage. You gained 5 experience and looted
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,374...........before the new change this would have been a one hit ice.....maybe two hit
Posted by Hydrashok on 06.30.2015 (06.30.2015)
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Why dont we lose exp when we die? that is how it was in the old game. if admin is going to make it as close to the old game. put in that feature please! let us lose exp from dying!
Posted by Killerwolf on 06.30.2015 (06.30.2015)
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Not too sure how I like the changes. It would be nice to see them written out. I saw in bc that there are no longer refills after level 10... Earlier when i was on I saw garth post that at level 100 there were no more skill points given. I would like to know what changes were made so we know our strategy going forward. I do not like the changes to the attack. I used to be able to hit peeps off the hl with out staming out. It also takes me more hits to kill someone who i know hasnt made any changes to their account. something really needs to be done about this. I hear the same complaints from everyone. The attack is screwed up since the changes.
Posted by Dominatrix on 06.28.2015 (06.28.2015)
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