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Why can we not trade our items to one of our other characters. such as, I have 3 lemoncello on one account  and would like to give them to my other character who has a better record. Since they are my character, and not another person's character in my mob - it should be allowed for us to interchange weapons like they would in a real mob. AKA... Tinman needs some extra hardware so he gets StrawMan to sell him one lemoncello for like 1 billion dollars to the GF or something like that. Since the items are already owned, it would just be a blessing fee to the godfather... perhaps two favor points for the transaction.

This would be a very powerful tool for everyone who started playing this game and didnt know how it works and all the changes you made... made for poor placement of said items.

Please consider this with great respect as it has never been done in the other mobsters and would surely stand out as a perk of your own identity.

Thank you, Royce

would be cool if we could swap items fome beta to beta
Posted by Cornchip on 07.15.2015 (07.15.2015)
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Very Interesting Idea.... Something to ponder What do others think?
Posted by Lacy on 07.03.2015 (07.03.2015)
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I don't plan to implement this at this time.
Source(s) Site Admin
Posted by Solstice on 07.03.2015 (07.03.2015)
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I am the Straw that broke the Camel's back.....
07.03.2015 (07.03.2015)
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