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These ads actually existed at some point. Kind of mind blowing, most of them these days would get a company shut down virtually overnight.  My how times have changed...                                              
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Basics Tabs Main - Broadcast to other players, read players broadcasts. Various controls. Territory - Your property, generates hourly income. Bank - Deposit your money here, funds in the bank can not be stolen. Casino - Godfather's Casino, try your
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Playdom's forums have been hacked. All usernames, email addresses and passwords stored on their servers have been compromised. If you are a past or current user of their forums it is strongly advised you change your passwords immediately. If you are using
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Good Morning AcidBay! So an interesting discussion on policy has started over in a MPR group and it's made me curious where y'all stand on the issue they're discussing. Porn in flashers. For the M2 folk here, Flashers are what M1 players call their profi
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