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Why Government isnt working

from John Hawkins on Townhall (reposted)

This is 5 reasons our Government cannot work the way the Liberals say it will. 

1) It’s not the government’s money: One of the biggest reasons a “kid in a candy store” acts like a “kid in a candy store” is because he didn't have to earn the money he’s about to spend.


It’s no different for the government. Government employees are not the ones working double shifts when they’re exhausted to collect enough money to pay their taxes. They just collect the sweat of someone else’s brow and spend it the way they see fit.


2) The government is doing things it shouldn't be doing: If the government were simply building roads, throwing up a few street signs, securing the borders and making sure rotten horse meat isn't being sold as steak in the local supermarket, it would probably be relatively good at its jobs.


But, when we have the government declaring your yard a wetland because it rains, micromanaging what kind of light bulbs you’re allowed to buy, bailing out big corporations and forcibly taking over our health care, of course the government does it badly.


3) It can’t go out of business: A company can make a series of small mistakes, be too slow to adapt to change or even make one big mistake, one time and it’s game over.


That’s why businesses tend to be so ruthlessly efficient. It’s either be ruthlessly efficient or go belly up. On the other hand, our government makes mistakes that would bankrupt 98% of the businesses on the planet year in and year out.


4) It doesn’t effectively measure success and failure: The government can tell you the “jobless rate,” although it’s essentially meaningless since it doesn’t include large segments of the population who have given up on looking for work.


5) There’s a lack of responsibility: “When everybody owns something, nobody owns it, and nobody has a direct interest in maintaining or improving its condition. That is why buildings in the Soviet Union — like public housing in the United States — look decrepit within a year or two of their construction.”

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