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SHHHHH... Be vewy, vewy qwiet... I'm hunting Wobsters...


The nicest guy you'll ever meet. That ass wipe that always rubs you the wrong way.  Your fondest dream. Your worst nightmare. Love me. Hate me. Whatever... You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit... or else...

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The only reason I can think of for the limit is to make it difficult for people to cause trouble anonymously. However, having 7 or more slots per account already makes it difficult to keep track of who's who. In my opinion, raising or eliminating the limit would only make the game that much more like the original. We adapted to people having multiple accounts back then. I, for one, don't mind having to adapt my tactics or intel gathering. It makes the game more challenging, A.K.A. more FUN!

No, the limits are fine as they are. - 45%
No, but the limits should be raised. (I'll comment with more info) - 17.5%
Yes! - 37.5%
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SHHHHH... Be vewy, vewy qwiet... I'm hunting Wobsters...
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Sweetz wrote KaoS
Long time no see Kaos.. Respects
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