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Buy this pack and get:

  • 50 Favor Points
  • $1 Billion Bounty on a blank account

- OR - 

  • 590 Skyscrapers added to an existing account.
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Bundles purchased through the store are delivered via Gift Code that can be applied to any account, so you can give them as gifts to help get a friend started (or apply them to your own account).

To prevent abuse, codes are not issues automatically. We fill all orders as soon as possible but ask that you allow up to 72hrs to receive your code.

If you do not have your code, or have any problems applying your code, after 72 hours please open a support ticket or contact @Solstice via chat. 

Starter Gift Code

Starter Gift Code

for Members $ 2.49 12.16.2017
Starter Pack 2018

Starter Pack 2018

for Members $ 2.49 06.11.2018
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