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  • Main - Broadcast to other players, read players broadcasts. Various controls.
  • Territory - Your property, generates hourly income.
  • Bank - Deposit your money here, funds in the bank can not be stolen.
  • Casino - Godfather's Casino, try your luck, win big!
  • Godfather - Need a favor? Out of Stamina? See the Godfather for various goodies.
  • Attack - Find other players in your playing range to attack. 
  • Hit List - Feeling bold? Hit up the Hit List for some quick cash. Kill the player, collect the bounty.
  • Equipment - Arm up here. Weapons, Armor, Vehicles and Henchmen are all available with new options unlocking as you level up.
  • Hospital - Dead or dying? These are the guys to see, but they only take clean money; make sure to deposit some to be cleaned by the bank before you need to heal!
  • My Mobster - Setup your flasher, change your avatar, distribute your skill points & more here. 
  • Made Men - Player leaderboard.
  • Kill Sheet - A spreadsheet for your favorite targets, available to VIPs. See the Godfather for information on upgrading.


Animated GIFs can be used as "flashers" displayed next to your name & on your profile. They must be uploaded as FILES under your profile to work properly. Once uploaded, go to the My Mobster tab to select your flasher. A good source to get premade GIFs is or you can find a free program to make animated GIFs here.


When you're attacked or other events happen in the game, you'll receive a Notification similar to how things happen on popular social networks. The shield icon in the top right of the game will light up red when you have new notifications. Click the shield to view them. Notifications are automatically pruned after 2 weeks.


Comments cost $50 to send and can be posted publicly or privately. Private comments show up in red and can only be seen by the person that sent it and the person receiving it. 


Your bounty is 10 times your gross hourly income (before upkeep). Players can offer to pay another player this amount in exchange for killing someone. The Godfather charges a small fee to hold on to the funds until the job is done. 

Chat System / Viruses

The Attack and Defense viruses are available after Level 10 & 15. They are one of the most powerful weapons on the game. To power them up, you must earn Chat Credits by using our Chat System. Not a talker? No problem, anyone active anywhere in the game gets credited with rounds sent!

Top Mob

Top Mob allows you to select your favorite mobbies to send a gift of Energy to. To add someone to your Top Mob, go to their profile and click the Top Mob button in the Action Bar under their name. Energy can be only be sent every 24 Hours for regular users or every 12 hours for VIPs. If energy has already been sent to a user and the time frame has not expired, they can not be removed or replaced in the top mob slot. Regular users get 3 Top Mob slots, VIPs get 6. 

Mission Mastery

As you complete missions, you gain Mastery at various levels. 

Levels and Rewards

  • Bronze - 50 Missions Completed, rewards $10,000 x Level.
  • Silver - 150 Missions Completed, rewards $20,000 x Level.
  • Gold - 350 Missions Completed, rewards 1 Favor Point.
  • Platinum - 500 Missions Completed, reward varies by mission. See guide below. 
  • Diamond - 3,000 Missions Completed, rewards 3 Favor Points.
Missions completed means of that specific mission.
Name Level Reward
Back-Alley Mugging 1 Favor Points
Petty Theft 1 Favor Points
Residential Burglary 1 Favor Points
Grand Theft Auto 2 Perimeter Watchman
Convenience Store Robbery 3 Favor Points
Collect Protection Money 4 Favor Points
Loot a Weapons Cache 5 Favor Points
Art Museum Heist 7 Lancia Ypsilon
Identity Theft 22 Crooked Accountant
Bank Robbery 15 Lamborghini Gallardo
Infiltrate Police Department 25 Crooked Cop
Infiltrate Hospital 8 Favor Points
Raid National Guard Armory 100 Favor Points
Raid Evidence Locker 30 Benelli Tornado 900
Unregistered Weapons Procurement 30 Favor Points
Plan Smuggling Operation 9 Favor Points
Credit Card Fraud 16 Favor Points
Kidnapping & Random 28 Alfa Romeo MiTo
Engineer a Prison Breakout 58 Pagani Zonda F
Hijack a Shipment of Fine Liquors 36 Favor Points
Return Evidence to Rival Mob 35 Garbage Truck
Rob the Graveyard 100 Favor Points
Get Supplies from Maulmart 90 Favor Points
Negotiate an Agreement 250 Mayor's Private Jet
Revolution in Central America 400 Generalissimo
Make a friend in Las Vegas 500 Favor Points
Rob Mirage Parking Garage 600 Tesla Model X
Swipe something at the Linq 650 Favor Points
Rob the Flamingo Penthouse 750 Favor Points
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