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Police badges are required in order to punch someone to death while they are in the hospital. You normally gain badges by doing missions, which require fresh faces (new friends) in your mob. Through this pre-sales deal you can buy badges at a discounted rate!
128 days ago · From Solstice
This pack will ONLY be sold until the beta opens! We will never sell either the Red Dragon Tattoo or Rusty again and we will not be coming out with any more dogs or dragon tattoos for at least 3 months after the beta goes live. Get them while you can! Limit is 5 per toon, 25 per account. We will contact you after we launch to beta to find out which toon you want your purchase(s) credited to! Red Dragon Tattoo Attack: 10 Defense: 50 Rusty the Pit Bull Attack: 25 Defense: 50
172 days ago · From Solstice
Biker Pack - $36 Value for $25 (Pre-Sales Only) HK MP7 Attack: 24 | Defense: 12 Trans-Kevlar Armored Suit Attack: 20 | Defense: 14 Upkeep: $12,000 NO UPKEEP Ducati 1098R Attack: 11 | Defense: 20 The Biker Pack includes a special Trans-Kevlar Armored Suit with boosted stats and no upkeep. This pack and these items (with these specific stats) will only be available through pre-sales until the game launches. Items will credit to the mobste…
281 days ago · From Solstice
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